Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA


Aantekeningen: Worthington is a city in Nobles County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 12,764 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Nobles County.
The city's site was first settled in the 1870s as Okabena Station on a line of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway, later the Chicago and North Western Railway (now part of the Union Pacific Railroad) where steam engines would take on water from adjacent Lake Okabena. More people entered along with one A.P. Miller of Toledo, Ohio, under a firm called the National Colony Organization. Miller named the new city after his wife's maiden name.
Worthington's first decade: The first European to set eyes on southwestern Minnesota was French explorer Joseph Nicollet. Nicollet mapped the area between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers in the 1830s. He called the region “Sisseton Country” in honor of the Sisseton band of Dakota Indians then living there. It was a rolling sea of wide open prairie grass that extended as far as the eye could see. One small lake in Sisseton Country was given the name “Lake Okabena” on Nicollet’s map, “Okabena” being a Dakota word meaning “nesting place of the herons.”
In 1871, the St. Paul & Sioux CityRailway Company decided to connect those two cities with a ribbon of steel. The puffing steam engines that then chugged across the prairies consumed enormous quantities of water. As a result, water stations were needed every eight to twelve miles (19 km) along the route. One of these stations was designated as “The Okabena Railway Station.”
In that same year, Professor Ransom Humiston of Cleveland, Ohio, and Dr. A.P. Miller, editor of the Toledo Blade, organized a company to locate a colony of settlers along the tracks of the Sioux City and St. Paul Railway. This colony – the National Colony – was to be a village of temperance with a capital “T”, a place where evangelical Methodists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists and Baptists could live…


Gemeente/Stad : Latitude (Breedte): 43.626334124578605, Longitude (Lengte): -95.6026840209961


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1 Schrik, Grietje  03 jul 1926Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I29553
2 Zweep, Berdeen  20 jan 1955Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703949
3 Zweep, John  07 feb 1982Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703947
4 Zweep, Mary  23 mrt 1962Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703948
5 Zweep, Roelf  26 nov 1937Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I29554


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1 DeVries, Arlene Marie  Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703979
2 DeVries, Henry  Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703967
3 de Jonge, Dina  Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703542
4 Schrik, Albert  12 sep 1928Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703536
5 Schrik, Grietje  Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I29553
6 Schrik, Harm  19 feb 1942Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703162
7 Schrik, Japien  Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703546
8 Zweep, Berdeen  Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703949
9 Zweep, John  Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703947
10 Zweep, Roelf  Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I29554


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1 Schrik, Bene  1930Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA I703547


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1 DeVries / Zweep  07 mrt 1923Worthington, Nobles County, Minnesota, USA F267460