Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika


Aantekeningen: Stellenbosch (pronounced /ˈstɛlənbɒs/) is the second oldest European settlement in the Western Cape Province, South Africa after Cape Town, and is situated about 50 kilometers (30 mi) away along the banks of the Eerste Rivier. The town became known as the City of Oaks or Eikestad in Afrikaans and Dutch due to the large number of oak trees that were planted by the founder to grace the streets and homesteads.
The town is home to the University of Stellenbosch. The Technopark is a modern corporate and research complex situated on the southern side of the town near the Stellenbosch Golf Course.
The town was founded in 1679 by the Governor of the Cape Colony, Simon van der Stel, who named it after himself — Stellenbosch means "(van der) Stel's forest". It is situated on the banks of the Eerste River ("First River"), so named as it was the first new river he reached and followed when Jan van Riebeeck sent him from Cape Town on an expedition over the Cape Flats to explore the territory towards what is now known as Stellenbosch. The town grew so quickly that it became an independent local authority in 1682 and the seat of a magistrate with jurisdiction over 25 000 square kilometers (9,700 sq mi) in 1685.
The Dutch were skilled in hydraulic engineering and they devised a system of furrows to direct water from the Eerste River in the vicinity of Thibault Street through the town along van Riebeeck Street to Mill Street where a mill was erected. Early visitors commented on the oak trees and gardens.
Soon after the first settlers arrived, especially the French Huguenots, grapes were planted in the fertile valleys around Stellenbosch and soon it became the centre of the South African wine industry. The first school had been opened in 1683 but education in the town began in earnest in 1859 with the opening of a seminary for the Dutch Reformed Church. Rhenish Girls' High School, established in 1860, is the oldest school for girls in South Africa. A gymnasium…


Gemeente/Stad : Latitude (Breedte): -33.93139678750911, Longitude (Lengte): 18.860349655151367


Treffers 1 t/m 18 van 18

   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Geboorte    Persoon-ID 
1 de Beer, Frederik Coenraad  13 mrt 1761Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I739838
2 de Beer, Magdalena Elizabeth  16 okt 1745Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I739824
3 de Beer, Zacharias  05 mrt 1719Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I739825
4 de Beer, Zacharias  1756Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I860983
5 Bothma, Abraham Christoffel  02 apr 1759Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I563024
6 van Eeden, Hendrina Johanna  20 nov 1729Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I739837
7 Joubert, Josua  1780Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562459
8 Naudé, Abraham Jacobus  27 jan 1791Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562519
9 Naudé, Carel David  1775Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562508
10 Naudé, Deborah  1747Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562507
11 Naudé, Elizabeth Maryna  29 sep 1834Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562184
12 Naudé, Jacob  03 sep 1745Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562424
13 Naudé, Petrus Johannes  15 apr 1751Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562479
14 Pretorius, Willem Sterrenberg  25 apr 1762Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I739821
15 du Toit, Anna Susanna  1727Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562398
16 Viljoen, Francina  24 apr 1689Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I301114
17 Viljoen, Henning  16 aug 1713Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I301170
18 Visser, Johanna Barendina  1753Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562480


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   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Gedoopt    Persoon-ID 
1 Joubert, Josua  09 jul 1780Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562459
2 Malan, Daniel  22 okt 1741Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562185
3 Naudé, Abraham Jacobus  23 apr 1791Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562519
4 Naudé, David  08 apr 1753Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562419
5 Naudé, Deborah  08 okt 1747Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562507
6 Naudé, Elizabeth Maryna  09 nov 1834Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562184
7 Naudé, Jacob  26 sep 1745Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562424
8 Naudé, Petrus Johannes  02 mei 1751Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562479
9 Naudé, Stephanus  25 mei 1749Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562395
10 du Toit, Anna Susanna  12 sep 1727Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562398
11 Visser, Johanna Barendina  01 jul 1753Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562480


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   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Overleden    Persoon-ID 
1 de Beer, Frederik Coenraad  Ja, datum echter onbekendStellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I739838
2 Campenaar, Cornelia  1713Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I301117
3 Naudé, Petrus Johannes  10 mei 1785Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I562479
4 Pretorius, Johannes  1732Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I861054
5 Villion, François  1689Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika I301116


Treffers 1 t/m 10 van 10

   Gezin    Getrouwd    Gezins-ID 
1 Beer / Pretorius  12 mei 1743Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F279693
2 Beer / Smit  24 okt 1705Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F279694
3 Heerden / Merwe  18 sep 1708Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F118903
4 Naudé / Joubert  13 mei 1832Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F217544
5 Naudé / Olivier  22 mei 1796Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F217621
6 Naudé / Toit  11 okt 1744Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F217622
7 Naudé / Visser  15 mei 1775Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F217663
8 Pretorius / Bezuidenhout  10 mrt 1737Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F323911
9 Toit / Marais  17 feb 1726Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F217628
10 Visser / Maritz  Stellenbosch, Wes-Kaap, Suid-Afrika F217665