Iowa, USA


Aantekeningen: Iowa (pronounced ˈaɪəwə) is a Midwest state of the United States. It is the 29th state of the United States, having joined the Union on December 28, 1846. The official name of the state is the "State of Iowa". The state is named for the Native American Ioway people. It is known as the "Hawkeye State" or the "Tall Corn State".
* The first Europeans to explore Iowa were French citizens following the Sac and Fox, presently known as the Mesquakie (Meskwaki) Indians.
* At first, due to a lack of trees, Iowa was believed to not be able to support agriculture. *Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette are believed to be the first European explorers to visit Iowa. They described Iowa as lush, green, and fertile.
* Iowa has been home to approximately 17 different Native American tribes. Today, only the Meskwaki tribe remains.
* The first American settlers officially moved to Iowa in June 1833. Primarily, they were families from Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.
* During the 1835 Dragoon expedition to map and survey central Iowa, many dragoons got lost in prairie grass which was over their heads even on horseback. The map maker was Albert Lea, who is the namesake for Albert Lea, Minnesota. One of the commanders was Nathan Boone, the youngest son of Daniel Boone.
* Iowa became the 29th state in the union on December 28, 1846.
* The Chicago and North Western Railway reached Council Bluffs in 1867. Council Bluffs was designated the eastern terminus for the Union Pacific Railroad. The completion of five major railroads across Iowa brought major economic changes as well as travel opportunities.
* During the American Civil War, more than 75,000 Iowans participated in the war, 13,001 of whom died (mostly by disease). Iowa had a higher percentage of soldiers serve in the Civil War, per capita, than any other state in the Union, with nearly 60% of eligible males serving. Among many cases in point would be Isaac S. Struble of…


Staat/Provincie : Latitude (Breedte): 42, Longitude (Lengte): -93


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   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Geboorte    Persoon-ID 
1 Afflerbaugh, Emma  ca. 1862Iowa, USA I452681
2 Almer, Anna  1868Iowa, USA I449523
3 Anfinson, Elsie  ca. 1861Iowa, USA I450751
4 Apland, Sadie  ca. 1879Iowa, USA I450752
5 Bennett, Icle Viannus  1904Iowa, USA I726624
6 Boeve, Bert  1917Iowa, USA I892680
7 Boeve, Henry  1927Iowa, USA I892691
8 Boeve, Nellie  1926Iowa, USA I892682
9 Boeve, Peter  1923Iowa, USA I892681
10 Boeve, Ted E  1927Iowa, USA I892165
11 Bos, Ella  14 jul 1899Iowa, USA I892847
12 Buss, Casper  04 sep 1908Iowa, USA I446491
13 Buss, Jennie  29 apr 1915Iowa, USA I446493
14 Buss, Minnie  14 jan 1906Iowa, USA I446490
15 Doggett, Duane  nov 1850Iowa, USA I452830
16 Fisher, Cora  ca. 1868Iowa, USA I452498
17 Fisher, F. Wm  ca. 1857Iowa, USA I452497
18 Handley, Otho Nelson  nov 1884Iowa, USA I449021
19 Hans, Albert  27 apr 1887Iowa, USA I723357
20 Hatland, Edna B.  ca. 1895Iowa, USA I450763
21 Haverkamp, Alberta Martina  mei 1865Iowa, USA I887926
22 Heemstra, Esther Mary  23 mrt 1916Iowa, USA I731605
23 Heemstra, Henrietta Frances  19 sep 1910Iowa, USA I731602
24 Hendriks, Dick  14 nov 1910Iowa, USA I320206
25 Hendriks, Willemina  06 dec 1908Iowa, USA I320202
26 Hickman, George  ca. 1891Iowa, USA I450125
27 Hospers, Artie  8 mrt 1881Iowa, USA I888006
28 Hospers, Dora  feb 1884Iowa, USA I888096
29 Hospers, Evelyn  8 sep 1887Iowa, USA I888098
30 Hospers, Roger  1914Iowa, USA I887958
31 Kannegieter, Trientje  16 mrt 1915Iowa, USA I429246
32 Keasling, Clifford Earl  28 dec 1909Iowa, USA I45711
33 Kiel, Jennie  25 jul 1898Iowa, USA I319619
34 Kielman, Anna  1909Iowa, USA I380641
35 Kielman, Gonde  1913Iowa, USA I380643
36 Kor, Aiko  05 jul 1914Iowa, USA I557008
37 Kor, Jerry  01 mei 1907Iowa, USA I557011
38 Kramer, Alice  1889Iowa, USA I449538
39 Kramer, Barbara Elen  1857Iowa, USA I448007
40 Kramer, Berenice Arnell  1906Iowa, USA I453153
41 Kramer, Charles  1890Iowa, USA I449540
42 Kramer, Christiana  03 mrt 1855Iowa, USA I447583
43 Kramer, George  1905Iowa, USA I449541
44 Kramer, Harriet  Ja, datum echter onbekendIowa, USA I449535
45 Kramer, Hazel  Ja, datum echter onbekendIowa, USA I449536
46 Kramer, John Michael  1891Iowa, USA I449497
47 Kramer, Lloyd  Ja, datum echter onbekendIowa, USA I449537
48 Kramer, Nikolaus Fredrik  03 mrt 1859Iowa, USA I448008
49 Kuper, Irene Frances  1924Iowa, USA I750515
50 Lindemann, Katie M  23 dec 1865Iowa, USA I48505
51 Maxwell, Marvel Marilyn  03 aug 1921Iowa, USA I684507
52 Menken, Alice  ca. 1909Iowa, USA I317112
53 Menken, Christine  30 mrt 1912Iowa, USA I317114
54 Menken, George J.  30 mrt 1912Iowa, USA I317113
55 Menken, Jeanette E.  ca. 1907Iowa, USA I317111
56 Menken, John E.  12 jan 1916Iowa, USA I317116
57 Menken, Otto John  05 jun 1905Iowa, USA I317110
58 Metcalfe, Frederick F.  17 jan 1893Iowa, USA I449061
59 NN, Anna T.  sep 1865Iowa, USA I452599
60 NN, Mary E.  ca. 1886Iowa, USA I450761
61 Pulscher, Engel Fred Dirk  19 mei 1896Iowa, USA I307037
62 Roelfsema, Anna  1891Iowa, USA I242585
63 Roelfsema, Coonie  01 jan 1893Iowa, USA I242584
64 Roelfsema, George  1898Iowa, USA I242580
65 Roelfsema, John  09 apr 1894Iowa, USA I242583
66 Roelfsema, Zena  24 jul 1907Iowa, USA I242582
67 Rogers, Irma G. V.  ca. 1888Iowa, USA I450646
68 Romsa, Albert A.  06 apr 1914Iowa, USA I450766
69 Romsa, Arnold B.  12 jun 1916Iowa, USA I450767
70 Romsa, Carrie B.  ca. 1871Iowa, USA I450735
71 Romsa, George  01 jan 1884Iowa, USA I450745
72 Romsa, Gertrude E.  ca. 1910Iowa, USA I450764
73 Romsa, Hogan C.  15 jun 1912Iowa, USA I450765
74 Romsa, Jacob A.  06 sep 1879Iowa, USA I450743
75 Romsa, Joseph C.  29 apr 1895Iowa, USA I450749
76 Romsa, Martha H.  ca. 1869Iowa, USA I450734
77 Romsa, Martin  ca. 1873Iowa, USA I450736
78 Romsa, Martin E.  jun 1890Iowa, USA I450747
79 Romsa, Severt  31 jan 1886Iowa, USA I450746
80 Scholten, Gerrit John  22 mrt 1886Iowa, USA I892838
81 Schrik, Albert  15 dec 1916Iowa, USA I703943
82 Starr, Frank Henderson  19 jun 1861Iowa, USA I451375
83 Steinberg, Margaret May  1912Iowa, USA I447443
84 Stevens, Georgianna  ca. 1876Iowa, USA I452678
85 Synhorst, Gysie  1864Iowa, USA I452847
86 Synhorst, Jacob  1876Iowa, USA I452850
87 Synhorst, John  1860Iowa, USA I452846
88 Synhorst, Maggie  1867Iowa, USA I452848
89 Terlouw, Jane  1867Iowa, USA I872271
90 Thompson, Ethel C.  ca. 1879Iowa, USA I447729
91 Tobin, Albert  ca. 1907Iowa, USA I351722
92 Tobin, Bessie  ca. 1912Iowa, USA I351723
93 Tobin, Edward  ca. 1903Iowa, USA I351943
94 Tobin, Etta  ca. 1902Iowa, USA I351720
95 Tobin, John  ca. 1904Iowa, USA I351721
96 Verhey, Dena Helena  9 nov 1882Iowa, USA I888005
97 Waalkes, Mary  19 sep 1894Iowa, USA I754034
98 West, Ellen May  mei 1862Iowa, USA I452834
99 Wybenga, Harvey Eugene  11 jan 1938Iowa, USA I319621
100 Wybenga, Stephen  11 nov 1926Iowa, USA I319620

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   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Overleden    Persoon-ID 
1 van Adrichem, Aaltje  vóór 1856Iowa, USA I185818
2 Bakker, Louis Carl  01 jan 1990Iowa, USA I750507
3 Boeve, Dirk  7 jul 1932Iowa, USA I892657
4 Boeve, William / Willem  1962Iowa, USA I892693
5 Bos, Petertje  15 aug 1944Iowa, USA I892658
6 Bruggink, Johanna Maria  21 nov 1902Iowa, USA I890317
7 Drenth, Alvina  dec 1970Iowa, USA I166727
8 Drenth, Sievert  31 okt 1971Iowa, USA I166697
9 Fielder, Clara  24 jun 1968Iowa, USA I451313
10 Grimmius, Leeno  04 mrt 1947Iowa, USA I169722
11 Hendriks, Dick  03 mei 1990Iowa, USA I320206
12 Hospers, Henrietta  11 aug 1962Iowa, USA I888062
13 Hospers, John De Gelder  13 apr 1965Iowa, USA I888003
14 Klaassen, Stientje  30 aug 1939Iowa, USA I316930
15 Kluiter, Albert  17 feb 1949Iowa, USA I316924
16 Kolkman, Wupke  1925Iowa, USA I100283
17 Mieras, William  21 jul 1948Iowa, USA I307582
18 Mulcahy, Dennis Edward  11 okt 1988Iowa, USA I45713
19 Nymeijer, Jurriena  10 aug 1936Iowa, USA I321044
20 Oudekerk, Koert  Ja, datum echter onbekendIowa, USA I559872
21 Roelfsema, Jan  1956Iowa, USA I723609
22 Ruben, Helena Gildena  21 nov 1990Iowa, USA I795563
23 Ruben, Hendrik  21 jun 1956Iowa, USA I539726
24 Ruben, John  15 sep 2005Iowa, USA I795562
25 Santjer, Engeltje Lefferdus  19 mei 1896Iowa, USA I306209
26 Swygman, Derk Beraillerd  22 jul 1958Iowa, USA I223649
27 Terlouw, Jane  1959Iowa, USA I872271
28 Viet, Geert  25 okt 1966Iowa, USA I750479
29 Waalkens, Derktje  16 nov 1955Iowa, USA I793607


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   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Begraven    Persoon-ID 
1 Kuper, Irene Frances  Iowa, USA I750515
2 Ruben, Elizabeth Trientje  Iowa, USA I795559
3 Ruben, Helena Gildena  Iowa, USA I795563
4 Ruben, Hendrik  Iowa, USA I539726
5 Waalkens, Derktje  Iowa, USA I793607


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   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Emigratie    Persoon-ID 
1 Modder, Lammert  1901Iowa, USA I613537
2 Nieken, Geert  1885Iowa, USA I853317


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   Gezin    Getrouwd    Gezins-ID 
1 Tammes / Howen  1902Iowa, USA F137594
2 Veldkamp / Krotje  Iowa, USA F335918