Goochland County, Virginia, USA


Aantekeningen: Goochland County is a county located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of 2009, the population was 21,44. Its county seat is Goochland. It is located in the Richmond-Petersburg region and is a portion of the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).
"In 1634, the entire occupied territory of Virginia was divided into eight shires, which were to be governed as shires in England. Henrico was one of the eight shires established." Goochland was founded in 1728 from Henrico shire, and was the first county to split from Henrico (followed by Chesterfield County in 1749). Goochland was named after Sir William Gooch, the royal lieutenant governor from 1727-1749 (the nominal governor, the Earl of Albemarle, remained in England without much authority). At the time of its founding, Goochland included all of the land from Tuckahoe Creek, on both sides of the James River, west to the Blue Ridge Mountains.
As the colonists moved west of Richmond, they first created tobacco plantations, like those of the Tidewater. They depended on the labor of enslaved Blacks to manage its intense cultivation. After the Revolution, tobacco was not so lucrative a crop. In Goochland, as in other areas of Virginia, many planters switched to growing wheat and mixed crops. They continued to rely heavily on the labor of slaves for the full range of plantation tasks.
According to the 1860 Census and Slave Schedules, the total population of the county was 10,656. Of that number, 57.6%, or 6139 people, were enslaved Blacks. By 1870 after the Civil War, the total population decreased slightly to 10,313, but the number of Black freedpeople rose to 6610, or 64% of the total. In later years agricultural work decreased and more people migrated to Richmond and other towns. In the early decades of the 20th century, many Blacks left Virginia in the Great Migration North for better jobs and opportunities. In 2000, they comprised only 26% of Goochland County's population.


Regio : Latitude (Breedte): 37.7415997, Longitude (Lengte): -77.973865


Treffers 1 t/m 10 van 10

   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Geboorte    Persoon-ID 
1 Fielder, Dennis  21 mei 1756Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451336
2 Fielder, John  22 mei 1756Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451286
3 Fielder, William M.  1776Goochland County, Virginia, USA I449544
4 Jerrett, Sarah  ca. 1739Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451335
5 Shoemaker, Anne  ca. 1733Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451321
6 Shoemaker, Evan  ca. 1725Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451327
7 Shoemaker, John III  ca. 1735Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451329
8 Shoemaker, Mary  ca. 1740Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451330
9 Shoemaker, William  ca. 1725Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451325
10 Webber, Mildred  1781Goochland County, Virginia, USA I449545


Treffers 1 t/m 2 van 2

   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Overleden    Persoon-ID 
1 Jerrett, Sarah  ca. 1830Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451335
2 Shoemaker, John II  vóór 1764Goochland County, Virginia, USA I451323


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   Gezin    Getrouwd    Gezins-ID 
1 Hancock / Shoemaker  25 mrt 1758Goochland County, Virginia, USA F175947
2 Shoemaker / Burke  02 okt 1756Goochland County, Virginia, USA F175945
3 Shoemaker / Jerrett  09 nov 1755Goochland County, Virginia, USA F175946