Aantekeningen: Canada is a country occupying most of northern North America. It is the world's second-largest country by total area, and extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Canada shares land borders with the United States to the northwest and south.
Inhabited first by aboriginal peoples, Canada was founded in 1867 as a union of British colonies (some of which were formerly French colonies). It gained independence from the United Kingdom in an incremental process that ended in 1982. It remains a Commonwealth Realm with Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state.
Canada is a federal constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy. Comprising ten provinces and three territories, Canada is a bilingual and multicultural country, with both English and French as official languages at the federal level. A technologically advanced and industrialized nation, Canada maintains a diversified economy that is heavily reliant upon its abundant natural resources and upon trade — particularly with the United States, with which Canada has had a long and complex relationship.
Origin and history of the name
The name Canada comes from a word in the language of the St. Lawrence Iroquoians meaning "village" or "settlement." In 1535, inhabitants of the present-day Quebec City region used the word to direct explorer Jacques Cartier towards the village of Stadacona. Cartier used the word 'Canada' to refer to not only that village, but the entire area subject to Donnacona, Chief at Stadacona. By 1545, European books and maps began referring to this region as Canada.
The French colony of Canada referred to the part of New France along the Saint Lawrence River and the northern shores of the Great Lakes. Later, it was split into two British colonies, called Upper Canada and Lower Canada until their union as the British Province of Canada in 1841. Upon Confederation in 1867, the name Canada was officially adopted for the new dominion, which was…


Gemeente/Stad : Latitude (Breedte): 56.130366, Longitude (Lengte): -106.346771


Treffers 1 t/m 28 van 28

   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Geboorte    Persoon-ID 
1 Bierman, NN  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I264421
2 Bierman, NN  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I264422
3 Blok, John Hendrik  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I246440
4 Brodeur, Jean Baptiste Dit Lavigne  ca. 1790Canada I448092
5 Caron, Kaddish  ca. 1780Canada I452018
6 Clough, Simon  feb 1827Canada I452012
7 Davison, Lena  1887Canada I452766
8 Dias, Annie Maude  ca. 1852Canada I448932
9 Doney, James  ca. 1884Canada I451196
10 Ducharme, Andrew  ca. 1852Canada I447516
11 Ducharme, Louis Alexander  ca. 1818Canada I451137
12 Giroux, Mathilde Dit Mcgillis  1847Canada I450252
13 Habraken, Derek  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I597778
14 Hamilton, James  ca. 1867Canada I450967
15 Henault, George  ca. 1894Canada I450800
16 Henault, Steven  mei 1843Canada I450797
17 Marion, Susie T.  ca. 1890Canada I452442
18 Martin, Thomas  ca. 1843Canada I449587
19 McEachern, Hugh  mei 1867Canada I450971
20 McKay, Joseph E.  ca. 1876Canada I448974
21 NN, Jennie  mei 1863Canada I452194
22 Norman, Miguel  ca. 1832Canada I447617
23 Pattison, George  1873Canada I522387
24 Paul, Ruby  ca. 1908Canada I452443
25 Roberger, Marie  mei 1835Canada I447618
26 Short, Mary Marguerite  1877Canada I450258
27 Stewart, Alexandra  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I669015
28 Zilverberg, Moses / James  9 sep 1915Canada I875878


Treffers 1 t/m 44 van 44

   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Overleden    Persoon-ID 
1 Alkema, Hendrik  26 jan 1988Canada I198475
2 Ballast, Roelof  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I213091
3 Bonen, Gerrit Jan  30 apr 1995Canada I524409
4 ter Borg, Jacob Jan  04 okt 1990Canada I351073
5 Bron, Ietske  19 jul 1977Canada I153142
6 Bron, Siemon  18 jun 1990Canada I407490
7 Brouwer, Wilhelmus Joseph  13 okt 1974Canada I536788
8 Cohen, Lyon  1937Canada I685673
9 Dieterman, Pouwel  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I139818
10 Ensing, Alie  09 jan 1980Canada I694719
11 Gorte, Femmigje  1999Canada I493369
12 Gorte, Femmigje  10 mei 2002Canada I524360
13 Gruppen, Aaltje  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I305068
14 Haaijer, Jan  19 jun 1985Canada I347261
15 Kassies, Hendrik  30 jun 1962Canada I319311
16 ter Laan, Hendrik Jan  28 feb 1966Canada I545632
17 Lamain, Bonnechina  03 dec 1958Canada I348567
18 Leroi, Joseph Noel  08 okt 1747Canada I449356
19 Lukens, Harm  14 mrt 2000Canada I349495
20 Middel, Abel  19 feb 1994Canada I152617
21 Oldenziel, Siebrand  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I156300
22 Oord, Bernard Frank  2007Canada I422028
23 Pleinis, Jacob  1903Canada I450333
24 Ruben, Jan  10 feb 2001Canada I795535
25 Rutledge, Rebecca  1863Canada I449943
26 Saenen, Anna  ges. 1995Canada I297558
27 Salsberg, Wilhelmina Elisabeth  27 nov 1996Canada I347682
28 Savenije, Emilia  26 dec 1981Canada I8712
29 Scholing, Andries  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I305142
30 Schoonbeek, Trientje  8 apr 1922Canada I845203
31 Short, Joseph André  1886Canada I450256
32 Simpson, Nancy  31 mrt 1842Canada I448965
33 Snijkers, Maria Antoinette Odille  1961Canada I637795
34 Spiegelaar, Jan  vóór 1990Canada I518315
35 Steele, William H.  1847Canada I448926
36 Tempel, Delina  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I539812
37 van der Velde, Tjebbel  16 feb 1967Canada I150344
38 Velema, Jan  27 nov 1996Canada I348515
39 Venema, Egbert Sietse  27 mei 1991Canada I851546
40 Venema, Hendrik  5 dec 1994Canada I851543
41 Verboket, Anna Maria Hubertina  06 mei 1975Canada I815174
42 Wagenaar, Geertje  23 okt 2003Canada I173672
43 Wilts, Siebrant  Ja, datum echter onbekendCanada I346442
44 Winters, Lubbert  20 aug 1990Canada I493447


Treffers 1 t/m 1 van 1

   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Begraven    Persoon-ID 
1 Lukens, Harm  16 mrt 2000Canada I349495


Treffers 1 t/m 2 van 2

   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Emigratie    Persoon-ID 
1 de Jager, Jacob  1929Canada I526882
2 Ruben, Jan  12 jun 1947Canada I795535


Treffers 1 t/m 1 van 1

   Familienaam, Voorna(a)m(en)    Woonachtig    Persoon-ID 
1 Leffers, Hiske  Canada I71033


Treffers 1 t/m 5 van 5

   Gezin    Getrouwd    Gezins-ID 
1 Brünen / Gründel  1910Canada F71242
2 Forsten / Flik  1905Canada F93669
3 Meendering / Wake  29 aug 1942Canada F136507
4 Paisley / Bartos  1899Canada F176185
5 Rasker / May  14 mei 1941Canada F30832