Elizabeth Boeles Hefting

Elizabeth Boeles Hefting, 28 years old, born on August 7, 1797 in Appingedam as daughter of the process-server Boele Matthies Hefting and Geertruid Houwerzijl, present here and living in Appingedam. [*Note A.G.: the grandparents of the bridegroom were also enlisted in this marriage certificate as Jan Knellis [means Cornelis] and Stientje Jeltes (from father’s side) and Hugo Kornelis and Grietje Derks (from mother’s side). One of the witnesses from the bridegroom’s side was Derk Fokke Fokkens, 47 years old, silversmith of profession, cousin of the bridegroom by his marriage with Hugo’s full niece Jantje Jelles Pelmulder].

They got two sons Jan Huges Mulder: the first one was born on ...............1828 (he died on Tuesday, November 19, 1833 in the house no. 196 in the third quarter of Appingedam, 5 years old, born and living in Appingedam), the second one was born on.........1837 and died on Sunday October 29, 1837 in the house no. 370, in the fourth quarter of Appingedam, nine months old, and between them a daughter Geertruida Houwerzijl Mulder, born on Sunday, April 24, 1831 in the house no. 196, in the third quarter of Appingedam on 4 o'clock in the morning