Jan Jans

Jan Jans (Mulder), coming from Meedhuizen married on June 7,1795 (he was then 41 years old) in Opwierde Trijntje Hu(i)ges, coming from Opwierde, born on May 26, 1771 in Opwierde as daughter of Hugo Cornelis (*also called Smid, his profession?) and Grietie/Grietje Derks; this couple lost five of their six children in infancy. [*Note A.G.: According a marriage contract, dated on March 19, 1743 in Delfzijl between the bridegroom Tamme Cornellis and his bride Sieke Pieters his full brothers Hugo and Berend Cornelis acting there also as witnesses, just like their full mother and widow Jantje Huges.

The last one must be the grandmother of the before said Trijntje Huges!]. The onliest surviving daughter Trijntje Hu(i)ges died on July 16, 1817 in Marsum, province Groningen. Her spouce Jan Jans died nine years earlier, on June 13, 1808 in Opwierde. They were farmers in Opwierde, on the "Hooge Warf" – South-East of and rather near the peeling mill of his brother Jelle Jans