Febes en Roelefs

Note A.G.: Mostly a confirmation happened at age of about 21 years]. In the same church books this woman "Gepke Roelofs" was also recorded on "August 23, 1711, by her departure to Appingedam, with attest", probably to marry there here later bridegroom Hitje Febes/Fiebes (and after his death before 1726 her second spouce Jacob A(a)lders). In the marriage contract of her niece Jacobjen Jelles with Jacob Willems on October 8, 1733 in Farmsum she was enlisted as a witness of the bride as "full aunt of the bride, together with her spouce Jacob Alders, as the family guardian of the bride and her uncle by marriage".

[*Note A.G.: By this record about the guardianship of Jacob Albers in 1733 "according the under aged daughter and his niece (by marriage) Jacobjen Jelles", the marriage of Gepke Roelfs and Jacob Alders must have certificated after the burial of Gepke's aunt Aveke Foppes on March 18, 1718 (in Slochteren). Gepke Roelfs must be died just before the date of January 29, 1765, about 70 years old, probably in her residence, the Groningen village Lasquert, where this couple rented a farm of 56 "grazen" land and 22 "grazen" own land, according an inventory document, made on January 29, 1765 in Lasquert, after the death of Gepke Roelfs. According this inventory document her spouce must be related to the couple Fiebe Hitjes and Etje Toomes (or Thomas) while the widower Jacob Alders was obliged in this 1765 inventory document "to donate the under aged children of (the married couple) Fiebe Hitjes and Etjen Toomes a sum of four hundred fifty guilders.