Jan Cornelis en Stijnje Jelles

Jan Cornel(l)is/Knellis/Kornellis, coming from the town Meedhuizen (after 1811 part of the municipality Delfzijl), province Groningen, Netherlands, married on November 15, 1739 in Opwierde, since 1811 part of the municipality Appingedam, province Groningen, Stijnje or Stinje Jelles, coming from Opwierde (where she worked?); they lived in Meedhuizen as (little) farmers. Stijntje was baptized on September 26, 1717 in the Slochteren church, "as daughter of the married people Jelte Rolefs and Avcke Fokkes ’. [*Note A.G.: Her first name "Avcke" is an old Dutch word for "Afke".

Another daughter Jacobje Jelles (or also written as Jellis) of this couple was baptized in Slochteren, province Groningen, on November(?) 16, 1711 and married on De-cember 1, 1733 in the town Farmsum, province Groningen, to Jacob Willems ; Jacobje Jelles and her spouce Jacob Willems baptized on August 26, 1742 in Farmsum a son Willem (Jacobs), a full cousin of the children of Jan Cornelis and Stijnje Jelles. Willem Jacobs was, with his later wife Geertje/Grietje Sijmens, a witness at the marriage on May 15, 1780 in Wagenborgen, province Groningen, of his full cousin Afke Jans and Aike Geerts and signed also their marriage contract].

In the Meedhuizen church books is recorded "that Jan Cornellijs made his confes-sion of faith on March 17, 1726 after good education", that he "was elected on January 1, 1733 as deacon in the place of the retiring book-keeper" and "reelected on April 23, 1747". In those church books is also enlisted that "Stijnje Jelles is accepted on November 29, 1748 after education as member [*of the church]", nine years after her marriage. Jan Cornelis must be born before 1706 and he died in October 1761; he was buried on October 16, 1761 in Meedhuizen – according the Meedhuizen church cashbook 1754-1827 – 12 days after the birth of his last daughter Trintie and 28 days before her funeral.

His widow Stijnje Jelles remar-ried on May 13, 1764 as "widow of Jan Cornellijs" in the Meedhuizen church Sijpke Jans, "coming from Siddeburen", province Groningen. Stijnje Jelles was buried on November 7, 1768, seven years after her first spouce Jan Cornelis. As far is to be researched Stijnje’s second marriage with Sijpke Jans stayed child-less: according to the Meedhuizen church books "a son Jan of the parent Sijpke Jans was baptized in the church on October 14, 1764", probably a son coming from Sijpke’s former marriage. [*Note A.G.: in the corresponding, baptizing church book of Meedhuizen was even spoken about "an adult little(??) son Jan of father Sijpke Jans