Jeltes en Sicces

In March 1688(?) this married couple confessed their faith in the Slochteren (Dutch) Reformed church. On December 20, 1701 the book keeper of the Slochteren church wrote in his 1690-1735 cash book that he "recieved from Roelef Jeldes a sum of 19 stivers according "een peulke"(??) from the auction money of Styvke(?) Jacobs". Rolef Jeltes must be died before 1720, because in the 1720 cashbook of the Poors of the Slochteren church was recorded: "[*the poor?] Roelfke Jans was hosted for a year [*in the home] of the widow of Roelf Jeltes [*must be Aeltjen Sicces], where [this person] will own a pair of shoes and a pair of "veelse"(?) trousers". And also: "On June 26, 1720 [*the deacons] paid 3 stivers to the widow [*Aaltjen Sicces] of Roelf Jeltes according a casque [* Groningen ear ornament] and three pair of shoe-laces for the [*own or just the hosted?] children". Since the death of her spouce this widow [*Aeltjen Sicces] hosted (at least) a [*poor?] woman Jeltie Pieters and another boarder, called Arent Garms: the Slochteren church deacons payed her in 1726 "sleeping and hosting money of Arent Garms, for 5 stivers a week" and in 1720 "16 guilders according the board of [*hosting] Arent Garms in the year 1719". In 1726 she also got 1 guilder and ……. stivers for "3 weeks sleeping money and the making of 6 new shirts for [*her boarder] Arent (Garms)". In October 1731 Aeltjen Sicces was still alive by a record of the Slochteren cash book: "In October 1731 [*we] paid 2 stivers to the widow of Roelef Jeltes, according two "spint of kalik(?) [*means "kalk" or lime?]". More Slochteren cashbook accounts:

           Paid 4 stivers on April 5, 1720 to the widow of Roelf
          Jeltes according for [*her boarder] Jeltie Pieters.

    Dito on March 11,1720 to the dito widow 4 guilders
    according the board of Arent Garmens.

    Dito on May 9, 1720 to the dito widow 5 stivers and 4
    "penningen"("doits") according [*her boarder] Jeltie